Almadina Misurata Paints Certificates

Management systems in the Almadina Misurata Paints are subject to a continuous improvement and to date we are proud to announce are certificated in the following standards; License of using the Libyan quality mark, ISO 14001 : 2004, ISO 18001 : 2007, ISO 9001 : 2008.

Deserving distinction for creativity which distinguish Al Madina Misurata Paints in the world of paints it was awarded many international certificates such as:

License of using the Libyan quality mark

This license is issued by the center of specifications and measured standards in Libya, the presence of quality mark on my product guarantees the product conformity to the standards and technical requirements. using this license shall not be granted authorized only and after the audit and field investigation of rightness and safety of all steps through production process, quality assurance and producer commitment to the listed regulation.

Al Madina Misurata Paints was the first to gain this license in all over Libya, its issuing date was 27/12/2005.

ISO 14001:2004

ISO 14001 : 2004 is the certificate of conformity to the standard specifications for environmental management system where a set of environmental management system that aim to achieve further improvement in environmental protection and conservation of pollution. since the goal of the specification of ISO 14001 is to reduce the damage which made by the industry on the environment and the economy and reduce the use of energy and raw material. thus opening the way for our product for export to world markets.

Almadina Misurata Paints was considered as the first paint factory in Libya which gained this certificate, its issuing date was 09/12/2005.

ISO 18001:2007

ISO 18001 : 2007 is a certificate of conformity to standards management system for occupational health and safety OHSAS 18001 is a set of quality system that aim to reduce work-related accidents to the minimum necessary to provide security and protection to the workplace and workers by giving attention to safety and occupational health resulting of the activities, products and services. This has contibuted to staff and customer satisfaction and high moral as the result of them increase the quality of workplace; while maintaining the manpower and other resources, loading to increase profits and reduces costs, and production losses.

Almadina Misurata Paints was considered as the first paint factory in Libya which gained this certificate, its issuing date was 25/09/2009.

ISO 9001:2008

It was the updated copy with the new requirements of ISO 9001 : 2008, It is a certificate which asserts the standard specifications conformity of quality management system the international certificate ISO 9001, which includes what should it be a quality system in companies. This system is applied on the institution that design, produce and sell their products and this is confirmation that quality is one of the main pillars upon which our operations are involved in every aspects of the development of products and services. There is no doubt what we get an international certificate in the field of quality shows our sustainable efforts to improve the process quality management procedures in accordance to the highest international standards.

Its issuing date was 27/12/2005.

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