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About the company


Al-Madina Misurata Company is a subsidiary shareholding Company of Almadina Misurata Holding Company. Al-Madina is a manufacturer of paints and pastes and one of Libya’s largest paint companies. It manufactures all kinds of paint and paste for walls. It produces more than 90 products. These products include pastes, water paints, oil paints, industrial paints, insulators, marine paints and decorative paints. Etc)

Al-Madina Misurata Company is the first Libyan company working in the field of paints that obtains the Libyan Quality Mark, It also holds ISO certification in its field:

ISO 9001:2015 | ISO 14001:2015 | ISO 45001:2018


It was founded in 1993 in Misurata, in the Libyan west, where it was a small company under the name of the factory of Almadina Misurata. Despite its small size, it was carrying many aspirations and ambitions at the time. In a very short time, and as a result of the owners’ vision and aspirations, all efforts have succeeded in creating a strong and solid ground for achieving their goals. As a result, the company has become a pioneer in the manufacture, development and innovation of high-quality, environmentally friendly paints designed to achieve the local consumer’s dreams and desires. It has also achieved the desires of a wide range of customers in the industrial, commercial and even individual sectors. Over the years, Almadina Misurata Paints have been one of the companies that have supported the national economy and supported community institutions wherever they may be.

The company manufactures the highest types of paints in terms of quality and in terms of their suitability to the environment and safety, and also ensured that its products include all types that serve all areas of industry and construction sectors and finishing finishes.

90Product & More
14Main Coloring Center
25Years of experience
5000Liter / Month
Company Team

Who are behind the march of success?

Almadina Misuarata Paints preferred to rely on itself to take responsibility for its presence in the local market in Libya and never resorted to a partnership or rely on the tradition of others. But has resorted to attracting the best trained human elements within its cadres and searched and found all the means to reach their products to the highest standards of international quality, and has finally achieved this success in the ongoing development and continuous development of its products in the field of paints.

The company's policy is summarized in

We never have the end to our race for quality.

Manufacturing paints and pastes

Almadina Misuarata Paints is a distinguished Libyan brand in the manufacture of all types of paints, foundations and pastes for coating

Insulation and protection paints

Almadina Misuarata Paints is proud to produce many types of protection and insulation paints for all construction works and industrial purposes

Coloring and decorative accessories

Almadina Misuarata Paints is a world of colors, and because each color has a value and meaning, so we put between a wide choice of colors and elegant and elegant

Service and sales centers

Our branches and service centers have been equipped with state of the art equipment to offer simple and modern products and are used by architects to help you meet your requirements.

Integrated Group

Al-Madina Misrata Paints and Pastes Company is one of the subsidiaries of Al-Madina Misurata Holding Company, one of the largest economic pillars in Libya.

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