,, The first in the paint industry in Libya ,,

Chairman’s Message

In the name of God the Most Gracious the Most Merciful, and the prayers and peace be upon the Holy Prophet and his follower and family

Welcome to the world of Almadina Misutata Paints, where our quality is our identity and colours are our surroundings,

We started with a very small paint factory owning a small machine, and with the success of Allah we started to develop. Thanks to Allah and his generosity, we have become the largest company in Libya for the manufacture of paints under the name of Almadina Misuara Paints, We have established several other industrial companies such as, ,Alyaqoot for palastics ltd, Decor for Building Materials Co. Ltd., and Rahaf for Food Industries Ltd., which refines and purifies the water of Rahaf), unlike many other companies, which we all gathered under the roof of one company, Al Madina Misurata Holding Company, And become the word “made in Libya” spread throughout the globe.
All this was done thanks to Allah and his generosity first, and then with the efforts of the staff, technicians and employees of the company. We ask Allah to help us all for the good of our country and always move from success to success.

Allah grants success ,,,

Abdullah Suleiman bin Nasr
Chairman of Misrata Holding Company

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