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The Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility is a National Message

The concept of social responsibility was established by Almadina Misurata Paints to create a ‎balance between the company’s profitable activities and those that are beneficial to our society; ‎which is done through launching charitable and voluntary campaigns.‎

The company strives to achieve this goal through several activities that are organized periodically ‎and those include
Study and scientific research

Organizing visits to college students who wish to complete their research and those who want to ‎know how our production lines are functioning, and assist them to understand the machinery of ‎how paint and coating are manufactured and the development of this industry.‎

Supporting educational institutions

Organizing periodic visits for all primary and secondary students from both public and private ‎schools, to learn how everything works within the company and to cultivate the spirit of ‎innovation and discovery within them.‎

Community Services

Maintenance campaigns for roads in order to increase citizens ‘ awareness of the importance of ‎adhering to the rules of leadership and respect for the white and yellow lines carried by road ‎signs and pavements.‎

Sponsorship and support of events

Sponsorship of scientific research, and cultural activities held in colleges and educational ‎institutes, and participation in the general activities of the country’s institutions which seek to ‎serve the community and the nation.‎

The company's latest activities in community service

All this was not enough for us, so the company has collected all these efforts and organized them ‎the more institutional way through the launch of Almadina Misurata Company for training and ‎development Center.‎

Almadina Misurata for training and developments Company is a non-profit organization that aims ‎to prepare and create national entrepreneurs qualified to enter the labour market in the trades ‎and administration professions, which is achieved by providing a free training course for Libyan ‎youth in several areas including: Paints, Management, Accounting-, and Human resources.‎

The company’s long-term goal is to qualify and prepare professionally trained national ‎entrepreneurs with full capacity to enter the labour market and to fill the deficit in certain ‎professions in the Libyan labour market, all in coordination with the Ministry of Labour of the ‎Libyan government.‎

It is based on the preparation of courses and the presentation of a group of employees within the ‎company who believe in the value of volunteering and a sense of responsibility towards young ‎people and transfer their experiences to the new generations.‎

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